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Find out what your prospective customers are finding out about you

Australian Building Company
- Background & Profile Monitor

Are you deemed a High Risk, Medium Risk or Low Risk building company?
How do you score?
Do you have a response plan in place?

Always Check Your Builder already provides Free Searches and comprehensive Australian Builder Background reports to thousands of prospective building customers, agents and buyers in dispute.

Australian Building Companies can now also access these reports on their company together with 3 essential alert services by ordering the Background & Profile Monitor for a fee of $199.

  • Had any previous building disputes, rectifications or orders?
  • What are people saying and reading about you online?
  • Had any previous credit, payment or commercial disputes?
  • Any adverse associations or events amongst your directors or shareholders?
  • How does your trade payment history stack up?
  • How do you compare to the industry averages?
  • Any licence restriction or cancellation history amongst your directors or shareholders?
  • How are you ranked for risk?
  • Would you like to know what your market is finding out?
  • Would you like to know what your competition is finding out?


Australian Building Company
- Company Monitor Service

Reports are delivered within 72 hours.
Alert services begin 7 - 14 days from order.
Payment includes 6 months continuous service Alerts.
All reports and alerts are delivered by email.
You are notified immediately whenever a customer orders an Always Check Your Builder search on you
You are notified whenever any significant social media, comment or forum posting involving you has taken place
You are notified whenever any adverse credit, commercial, court or ASIC event involving your trading entity has taken place
You receive a complete copy of your ACYB Builders Background & Companies / Business Report
Includes: Licence & licence category / class checks; credit checks; court order and prior dispute / default checks; trade and finance payment checks; company, director and shareholder checks; previous and current associated companies checks; social media and general media checks; insurance claim checks; industry membership checks; Trade Risk assessment.