At Always Check Your Builder you can search EVERY state government builders licence register in Australia for FREE

Need to fully check your builder's background?

Our background checks reveal risks that a licence search can't

Always Check Your Builder also provides the background checks necessary for you to discover the credit, trading and complaint or dispute status of your prospective builder.
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Would you still want to hire this builder?

you've searched and found out ...
He's given you 2 brilliant references and his licence checks out

Always Check Your Builder searched and found out ...
3 of his building jobs last year ended up in the courts but yes 2 were perfect.
His truck's been repossessed and he's got 2 defaults against his equipment leases.
His company hasn't filed a tax return in 2 years and his partner is banned from holding a builders licence.
Between them they've had 3 building companies go into liquidation and a heap of sub-contractors won't work for them anymore.


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What the free search tells you

Australia is now leaps and bounds ahead of most other countries, in being able to check your builders licence thanks to these government registrars

Government Registrars QLD Building and Construction Commission NSW Fair Trading ACT Environment and Sustainable Development VIC Building Authority & Consumer Affairs TAS WorkSafe NT Consumer Affairs SA Office of Consumer and Business Affairs WA Building Commission

A licence search is an essential first step before engaging any builder.

Checking to see whether your builder or tradesperson has a current and correct type of licence is absolutely essential before signing anything with any builder or tradesperson and is absolutely free.

Each state or territory government in Australia provides you, to varying degrees, free access to you for checking that your building or trades practitioner is both licenced and holds the correct type or category of licence.

These searches are provided free by the pertinent registrar and are not charged for by Always Check Your Builder.

It is important to note that each registrar places certain terms and conditions on the purpose, use, publication and warranty on both accessing the information and use of any information they return and that you accept these terms as a prelude to any search you start.

what the free licence search can tell you
Green Tickis the builder licenced
Green Tickthe issue and expiry date of the licence
Green Tickthe class or category of the licence issued
Green Tickany current restrictions or endorsements on their licence

Licence checks are limited in what they can tell you
It pays to remember these free government searches will almost always limit their answer to your exact query. Other searches with wider fields or searching previous licences or licensed category of work or associated trades may reveal additional information not revealed by a simple "Is this builder licensed" query, so it is important to know what the free searches cannot tell you.

Always Check Your Builder have a trained team skilled in 'delving research' techniques that can help uncover less obvious but highly relevant information through these searches. These searches are only available as a part of our commercial builders background reports.

Certified copies
Always Check Your Builder does not provide certified copies. These are available from the state or territory registrar
It is very important to note that these free searches are for information purposes only and are not legal documents.
If you need or require a time and date stamped certified copy for legal or insurance purposes, they are available from the relevant state government registrar, who charges you a fee for this service.